Lake Superior shorelineJim and I took a weeklong vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, staying in a B&B on the shores of Lake Superior (Gitchigoomee to its friends). Anyhoo, the monthly theme was ‘nautical’…I stretch a bit…but it’s watery. Click on the photos to enlarge.
Lake Craig in Michigan's UP Lake Craig offers a fairly rugged (though you don’t need to use your hands when you climb the hills) 8-mile loop trail in the woods around the lake. You hardly ever see the lake. But the hike is lovely – especially in autumn. The area is home to the famous ‘moose transplant’ of the 80s. The local moose population, depleted by deforestation, was reinstated by importing moose from Canada – in slings attached to helicopters. Now that the radio collars’ batteries have died, no one can find the moose. We didn’t either.
Big Bay Lighthouse in Michigan's UPOur B&B – the Big Bay Point Lighthouse, an 111-year-old working beacon of hope, on a cliff above Lake Superior. Yes, you can climb the tower. Yes, you can buy merchandise. Big Bay Lighthouse socks? Cap? Poster? Mug? Moose? They have it. And cookies. Lots of chocolate chip cookies.
Crab ClawI found this crab leg on the lawn outside the Milwaukee Art Museum. I’m guessing it was dropped by a bird who found it attached to its original owner in Lake Michigan. Or, it could have come from a fast food joint. Who can say?
Sailboats in MilwaukeeSailboats as seen from the cathedral space inside the Calatrava Milwaukee Art Museum. They’re setting up for a wedding banquet.