Stacey with 50 pounds of hamSo, yes, I’ve lost 50 pounds this year! When I hit that milestone, I decided it was time for some drastic measures. I drafted Stephen to come to Costco with me and take pictures of me with foodstuffs that weigh that much. Just for comparison. This is me holding 50lbs of ham. Barely. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to carry my extra weight all in my arms!Click on any picture to enlarge.
Stacey with 50 pounds of chocolate How many cookies could you make with 50 pounds of chocolate chips? And could you carry them?
Stacey with 50 pounds of sugarBig chief indeed. Is this what it’s like to have twins? 50 pounds of sugar, yessiree.
Stacey with 50 pounds of salmonYes, this is me with 140 cans of salmon. Delish. Unable to hold them in my arms, we opted for the leaning tower of pisa approach. If I look possessed, it’s because I’m concentrating on keeping them all from toppling over. Then I’d have had to buy them.
Stacey with 50 pounds of frosted mini wheatsFifty pounds of Frosted Mini Wheats! Only at Costco. It sort of looks like someone else was pullling the same stunt earlier and didn’t clean up as tidily as we did!