Stephen and Jim S. gave me a Sugoi brand running hat and scarf for Christmas. It sealed my fate as a year-round runner. I loved my hat so, that upon its first outing I decided it needed to travel even further than it had on my head, and I sent this picturemail

Stacey near Fernando's

from my phone to Stephen and Jim from the middle of the run (with the subject line, “Sugoi!” which means “Fantastic!” in Japanese). A tradition was born.

Outside our favorite Mexican restaurant on Lincoln, Fernando’s.

You see where this is going, don’t you? Every time the hat goes out, the phone comes, too. The pictures are low-res and often just plain bad, taken at arm’s length from my head, but, if they had given me a garden gnome for Christmas, well, the results would have been pretty much the same.

Stacey and the NativityMe, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and some reindeer.The pictures that follow are a sampling of the large and important body of work that is The Voyage of the Hat. I will continue to update at random intervals until the spring.
Jim and Stacey in KentHome in Kent for the Christmas holidays with Jim. Stephen and Stacey outside the Golden NuggetNew Year’s Eve with Stephen, earning our future drinks.
Stephen and Stacey at playAt play after work in the dark of winter. Bring your own StaceyCraving a cocktail early in the morning?
John and Stacey in the forestShortly after this moment, we were met by a herd of deer! Fellowship of the RavenswoodCue the music, the fellowship of Ravenswood (one hat to rule them all, and in the darkness…)
Stacey at the police barrierNear the famous Montrose Sinkhole Just the hat, ma'amNot every run is a good run. The wearer declined to be photographed.
Where will Stacey and her hat go next? Stay tuned!