Wow. I was hit with a virus and sick for three weeks. Still have a lingering cough that makes me sound like a 5-pack-a-day smoker. I’ve gotten a lot of reading done, but my progress on training for the Soldier Field 10-mile race in May slowed quite a bit. During day two of the illness, my birthday, when I thought it was a 24-hour thing I was getting over, I went on a short 3-mile run. I spent the next week in bed. But I’m back on my feet now (if a big wheezy)…and so is the hat.

Mr. TurdThis guy lives about a mile and a half from my place. I think of him as Mr. Potato Turd. FountainThe courtyard of Beyond Design. What they do there is beyond me, but the fountain is pretty and they have stalks of wheat on their gate.
St. Pat's?A harbinger of green beer and drunken revelry. The sign says, “St Pats Weekend Giant Party”
The Greasy NuggetMy local greasy spoon. Pancake anyone?