Weekly photos

Banh Mi

Divine Banh Mi from Neighborhood Noodle


Chasing the moon.


Neighbor's dryer vent stalagmite.


It is about a foot tall.


The Brandywine Inn in Grand Rapids


Waiting for Jim in the lobby of Calvin College.


I like blue.

car grill

winter tree

curry powder

Roasted and ground this morning for dinner tonight.


I need to sharpen my neglected photography skills, so let’s see if titling this post “Weekly Photos” will be inducement enough to keep the camera in my paws…

Beach grass on lake Michigan

Snowy beach on Lake Michigan

Saugatuck dunes pine forest

Pines at Saugatuck Dunes park.

John playing Hamlet? (Actually, I think it was solitaire.)

Dave at Fernando's

Dave at Fernando's, or why low-light digital images aren't as cool as grainy film ones.

Jim at Fernando's

Jim at Fernando's.

Jim S. at Fernando's

Jim S. at Fernando's.

Michael plays the Steinway

Michael plays the Steinway